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Energy Artist Polly Lazaron of Energy Arts LLC
Energy Artist Polly Lazaron of Energy Arts LLC

Polly Lazaron

Energy Artist

Polly Lazaron is an award winning artist, certified teacher, published writer and integrative energy practitioner.  She is an encouraging facilitator of energy balancing and alignment with humans, their companion animals, and environments.  In partnership with nature, her consultations, products, and  art  are dedicated to optimal well-being.

Polly, as principal and founder of Energy Arts LLC, oversees a constellation of pioneering and co-creative services including:

  • Inspired and custom energy drawings and reproductions as note cards
  • Essence and balancing sprays creation
  • Energy balancing consultations and training workshops
  • Integrative animal communications and balancing consultations
  • Poetry, creative non-fiction and energy work training manuals

For more information and to connect with Polly Lazaron, email:

Polly(at)PollyLazaron(dot)com or call 1-434-960-3272

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